Meet Mattie Dionne, C.Ht., MSAOM

Meet Mattie Dionne, C.Ht., MSAOM

Transformation Life Coach

Energy Healer

Certified Hypnotherapist

Meditation Teacher

In order for us to serve our higher purposes, we must master the art of forgiveness by letting go of our judgmental thoughts. Our awareness of our divinity within each of us is only the beginning. Our willingness to see the light and the truth is the next crucial step. Our journey continues as we remove our veils by re-aligning ourselves with the Divine Source and fine tuning the balance between the spiritual and physical qualities in each of us to create the most fulfilling earthy experiences that we can enjoy.

My reawakening journey has begun since 2011. My unique personal and professional background propels me into an unexpected trajectory on my path. I am definitely not a typical energy healer, hypnotherapist, or life coach. I have been actively helping others through my professional work as well as my volunteer work since 2011. I learn, grow, and heal as I help others. Teaching and learning are reciprocal. In fact, the more we want to learn, the more we should teach and share the knowledge with each other.

I intend to create the One Love One Mind community in which we can share our Divine Love, Light, Wisdoms, and Grace with others in order to create the heaven on earth and create the expansion of the collective consciousness.

It is my honor and privilege to share some of my insights, knowledge, and passion in life with you.

We are one with the Divine. We are one with all. 


~ Mattie

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