Besides working with her own clients, Mattie also offered weekly free healing clinic and hypnotherapy as a volunteer at Wellness Works in Glendale California to help veterans and Heal One World in Los Angeles before she moved to Arizona.

Since she moved to Arizona, she began to rescue dogs. She now has a total of 10 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats where 3 out of 10 dogs and 1 out of 4 cats are currently living in N. Maine. She was also a volunteer at Arizona Humane Society and Lost Our Home animal rescue groups. Furthermore, she was a volunteer at Sojourner Center (Pet Companion Shelter) that provides shelter and life skills to the survivors of domestic violence and StreetLightUSA which provides shelter, life skills, and support to the survivors of human trafficking.

In 2017, Mattie completed over 30 hours of training in Sexual Violence Advocacy and over 30 hours of training in Domestic Violence Advocacy. Mattie was a supporting member of Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence and volunteer at Phoenix Dream Center.

As an Volunteer Ambassador at Shared Hope International, Mattie is inspired to share more updated information on how to prevent child (minor) sex trafficking in U.S.

Besides being an advocate to fight for social justice, she was also a volunteer facilitator at Kaity's Way to share with teens, parents, and educators about healthy teen dating relationship.

Besides fighting for human rights and social justice, Mattie was also a Volunteer Crisis Responder at Phoenix CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Team Rubicon, and Companion Pets in Crisis.

As an American heart Association and American Red Cross BLS instructor, she also provided free CPR and First Aid certification classes to local human and animal shelters in Arizona to support their causes as a way to give back.

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